Registrar of the Company

Dear shareholder!

We notify you that conducting the register of owners of nominal securities of «Interregional distribution grid company of Volga», Public joint-stock company (further the Register) since December, 18th, 2010 is carried out by the specialized registrar of Limited liability company "Reestr-RN" (further the Registrar).

Operations in the Register are spent by the Registrar on the basis of the orders (inquiries) given to it personally by the registered person (the authorized representative of the registered person), or on the basis of the orders given by mail (the custom-made item of mail).

Documents, the orders given to the Registrar, should be issued according to requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and Rules of the Registrar.

With the information on the Registrar and its branches, on the requirements shown to official registration of papers, and also with forms of orders and the inquiries recommended to registered persons to use, it is possible to familiarize on Limited liability company "Reestr-RN" site in a network the Internet.

Full name:  Closed Joint Stock Company  "VTB-Registar"
Abbreviated  name:
VTB Registar, CJSC

Location: 127015, Moscow, Pravdy St., 23

Postal address: 127137, Moscow, p.o. box 54

Taxpayer number (INN) 5610083568

OGRN 104605469744

License: № 045-13970-1-000001  issued on February , 21th, 2008  by FSFM of  Russia without expiration date


Stability Branch,  VTB-Registar, CJSC in  Saratov

Actual address: 410028, Saratov region, Saratov, Sobornaya St., 9, 8th floor

Ph. +7 (8452) 57-29-30; 33-89-50, 57-29-96, 33-89-51


Branch of  VTB-Registar, CJSC in  Togliatti

Actual address: 445051, Samara region, Togliatti, Frunze St., 8, 4th floor, apt 405g

Ph. +7 (8482) 556-240

Penza Branch,  VTB-Registar, CJSC

Actual address: 440000, Penza, Moskovskaya St., 9, of.12

Ph. +7 (8412) 66-00-51

Transfer agents:


Actual address: 432071, Ulyanovsk region, Ulyanovsk,Mira St., 17A, of.4

Ph. +7 (8352) 58-60-96, (8352) 58-62-65

Full list of cities of presence and contacts of regional subdivisions