Chuvashenergo specialists told students about digital power engineering

5 march 2019

chuvatst.jpgPower engineers of the branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (included in the Rosseti Group) - Chuvashenergo told high school students of the Chuvash Republic about the development concept of the Digital Transformation 2030 integrated power grid, developed by ROSSETI PJSC.

The presentation was held on the basis of the Chuvash Republican Institute of Education in the framework of the All-Russian Olympiad of PJSC ROSSETI schoolchildren with the participation of graduates and teachers from 23 educational institutions of Chuvashia. Most of the Olympiad participants are preparing to enter specialized higher educational institutions in order to connect their lives with energy.

Therefore, it was an interesting learning experience for them to learn about future innovations in this profession. The large-scale grid digitalization project includes the creation of a single fully automated infrastructure management system and the modification of all business processes, as well as the use of advanced equipment at the power grid facilities.

Chuvashenergo branch has already begun work on the introduction of digital transformation technologies. Thus, at present, procedures for the preparation of technical specifications for reconstructed objects are being carried out, which should include elements of digitalization. As part of large-scale reconstruction of the 110/35/10 kV Kugesi and Katrasi substations, by the end of 2019 both facilities will be equipped with reliable and modern telemechanics and communication means, automated measuring and information system for electric power fiscal accounting, complexes of microprocessor-based relay protections capable of real-time monitoring of indicators operation of all elements of the feeding center and timely respond to the occurrence of abnormal situations. It is planned to install over 7.5 thousand smart metering devices for the organization of both technical and commercial electricity metering in 2019.

From 2019 to 2022, it is planned to implement measures to create a comprehensive information security system for the integrated power grid of the Chuvashenergo branch. The Digital Transformation 2030 concept of PJSC ROSSETI implies a complete transformation of the domestic electric grid infrastructure by 2030 through the introduction of digital technologies. This will significantly reduce the operating and investment costs of grid companies, reduce energy losses, improve reliability, availability of power supply and create a set of additional services for customers. In addition, the introduction of digital solutions will ensure that the infrastructure is ready for new technological challenges.