Power engineers urge not to forget about safety and the procedure for coordinating earthworks in the city

27 november 2019

351_img_20191121_103501.jpgOreburgenergo branch of Rosseti Volga (brand of IDGC of Volga, PJSC) reminds the managers of special transport services and equipment owners about the procedure for coordinating earthwork in the city. - According to the rules, the manufacturer must, within three business days, call the representatives of the organization operating underground communications at the excavation site. "Construction, utilities enterprises address directly to the region of power grids" - RES, said Stanislav Chufistov, Director of the Orenburg Production Office.

The representative of the organization that conducts earthwork, shows the RES employee the project and the dimensions of the excavation on-site. Then the representative of RES puts the location of the electric cable on the project, gives the contractor an order on measures to ensure the safety of existing underground utilities, and you can start work.

- "We always coordinate the work. As it should be, for three days we address in the power grids. They help us in case of emergency works", - comments Ilya Khlynin, the engineer of relay protection and automation services of Electroservice LLC. – "We have confidence in the safety of the work. We know that people, equipment and citizens will not suffer". If the procedures are fulfilled at the enterprises and in the organizations which specializes in rendering utilities, construction, earthworks, there is a control from owners and heads, the single "diggers" rendering one-time services are not controlled by anybody. Unauthorized earthworks often end with broken cables and, as a consequence, de-energized consumers, disconnected boilers and water intakes. It takes several hours to restore the power supply, in winter this situation is dangerous". - "We try to warn and protect individual diggers. Before the start of the season, we send a reminder about the rules of work near power facilities, said Stanislav Chufistov. - We address to heads of the enterprises and owners of special equipment. Do not send people to work in the security zone of power lines without the approval of the power grid organization! Carry out instructions with drivers and operators: if you touch the wire under voltage is occurred, in no event should you leave the car. It is necessary to eliminate contact with the live part.