The Mordovenergo branch began the implementation of the repair program

12 april 2019

meremont.jpgThe power engineers of the branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (included in the Rosseti group) - Mordovenergo are actively carrying out a repair campaign.

 In accordance with the schedule in April of the current year, 8 substations of 110/10 kV and 4 substations of 35/10 kV will be repaired. 108 transformer substations of 10 / 0.4 kV and 12.57 kilometers of 35-110 kV overhead power lines will also be repaired. In addition, branch employees will replace 1.75 km of 0.4-10 kV uninsulated outputs to overhead lines with a protected wire, which significantly reduces the possibility of emergency outages, at the transformer substations of populated areas of the republic.

The clearing of fire-breaks is actively carried out. It is planned to process an area of over 81.64 hectares. The crews work on the 110 kV Vostochnaya- Teplichnaya OHL, the 110 kV Ruzaevka - Zhurlovka OHL, the 110 kV Ruzaevka - Yugo-Zapadnaya OHL, the 110 kV Saranskaya CHPP-2 - Yugo-Zapadnaya OHL, 110 kV Sosnovka - Udarnaya OHL, the 35 kV Dubenki - Krasino OHL, 35 kV Syryatino - KKSK OHL, the 35 kV Krasnaya Rudnya - Lemdyaysky Maidan OHL, the 35 kV CHP-2 - Lyambir OHL, 35 kV CHP-2 - Khadzhi OHL, the 35 kV CHP-2 - Central Boiler House OHL, the 35 kV Urishka - Pervomaiskaya OHL, the 35 kV Shishkeevo - Terizmorga OHL.

The ongoing activities of the repair campaign are a necessary part of the preparation of power equipment and power facilities for the autumn-winter period of 2019-2020.