Penzaenergo branch held emergency response training

11 march 2019

kapo_smotr_formirovaniy_2019_1.jpgIn the branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (included in the Rosseti Group) - Penzaenergo, an emergency response training was held on the topic “Governing bodies and Committee for Emergency Response and Ensuring Fire Safety in case of an emergency level of flood waters".

The event was attended by the management staff of the management and production divisions of Penzaenergo, members of the Committee for Emergency Response and Ensuring Fire Safety, members of the headquarters of the integrated power grid of the branch, duty dispatchers of the control center of the management staff, operative dispatching services of production divisions and duty dispatchers areas of power grids.

Also, forces and means of emergency response and restoration formations were involved in the training. According to the training, several flooding zones were formed as a result of intensive snow melting in the territory of the Penza region: Kamensky district - in the floodplain of the Atmis river, Kuznetsky district - in the floodplain of the Kadada river, Nizhnelomovsky and Mokshansky districts - in the floodplain of the Moksha river, Kolyshleysky district - in the floodplain of the Khoper river. The areas of power lines were flooded. Due to the impact of flood waters, there was a threat of air lines supports falling and power supply interruption. In this regard, according to the training program, the Penzaenergo branch introduced a high alert regime after the meeting of the Committee for Emergency Response and Ensuring Fire Safety.

During the training, the reality, quality and completeness of the plans of actions development for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations (ES) of natural and man-made nature, public address health for workers on hazards, alert circuits and management team, emergency response forces and means, the organization of interaction between structural divisions, the exchange of emergency information with federal executive authorities and local authorities. Also practical skills of heads and officials on decision-making, application and management of forces and means at the solution of emergency situations problems were fulfilled. Special attention during the training was paid to the review of forces and means for the elimination of technological disturbances and emergencies.

In all five production divisions of Penzaenergo, a special commission checked the equipment of emergency response and restoration teams, the state and operational readiness of swimming facilities, special equipment, and protective equipment. In addition, rest and food centers for the emergency response and restoration workers were examined. Training results showed that the Penzaenergo branch is ready for the upcoming safe passage of spring flood waters. Emergency response training is a planned event, which is held annually before the onset of spring, in order to prepare timely and well for the flood period in the territory under its jurisdiction.