Over 60 management meetings with consumers are scheduled at the Ulyanovsk Distribution Grids branch by the end of the year

13 march 2019

vstrechi_s_potrebitelyami.jpgIDGC of Volga, PJSC branch (included in the Rosseti Group) - Ulyanovsk Distribution Grids approved a schedule of personal receptions of company managers with consumers. Not only customers who are already users of electricity transmission services, but also potential consumers can ask their question to the branch or production division director.

Every month at the Ulyanovsk branch main office and in all the production divisions - in Barysh, Dimitrovgrad and Novospassk - company's heads are ready to answer all matters of concern to citizens. In addition, personal receptions are planned throughout the year in all areas of electrical grids. Practice of personal leadership receptions implemented in the company since 2018. During this time, more than 50 meetings took place throughout the region.

As a rule, the majority of public questions relate to the utility connection to the grids of Ulyanovsk DG. Among the applicants are representatives of legal entities, planning of grid connection of farms or production sites. In several districts of the region, there were requests to connect to grids within the framework of the “Comfort Environment” project , as well as to install and connect street lighting lamps. One of the main issues is the connection to power grids of sites for multi-member families in the village of Lugovoye. In order for residents to be able to move into new houses as soon as possible, power engineers have reduced the deadlines for the completion of all works as much as possible and plan to complete the joining of the plots this year, several months earlier than the regulated deadline.

Following the results of each meeting, all the residents of the region who applied to the company receive detailed recommendations and explanations, consider the best solutions and action plan for further fruitful cooperation. We are confident that the bilateral dialogue with customers and the openness of management, the prompt resolution of all issues arising among the population contribute to improving the quality of services provided and, as a result, the efficiency of the company in the Ulyanovsk Distribution Grids branch.

“We are open to a constructive dialogue and strive for the most effective cooperation with our customers, as in the end, we and our customers are interested in the same thing – reliable and high-quality power supply. Our specialists are always ready to give explanations and provide detailed advice on the services provided, not only in the framework of personal management techniques, but also in the direct contact of citizens to the customer departments," - said Igor Bryukhanov, Deputy Director of the branch for the implementation and development of services of the Ulyanovsk DG branch.