Catch without lethal threat: power engineers of "Samara DG" want fishers to remember electrical safety rules

7 june 2018

noviy_tochechniy_risunok_red.jpgWhen going for fishing, people often do not pay attention to the nearby power lines. Power engineers of Samara distribution Grid, a branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of the Rosseti group) remind: risk your own life doesn’t worth the catch.

It is strictly forbidden to fish in the security zones of overhead power lines and directly below them. It can be lethal! Note that the distance from the ground to the power line wires is 6-7 meters, and the length of the fishing rod is up to 7 meters. Remember: touching the wires with a fishing rod, which is a conductor or semiconductor of an electric current, will inevitably result in a lethal injury. At the same time, it can be obtained not only by the fisherman himself, but also by those who are nearby. When passing under power lines, in order to avoid accidental touching or approaching of fishing rods to an unacceptably close distance (less than 1.5 meters), the catching tool must first be folded.

Before proceeding directly to fishing, look around. Choose places for fishing away from overhead power transmission lines, transformer vaults and other power facilities. Do not ignore information and safety signs – "Danger! Keep out!", "Power transmission line conservation zone," "Fishing near a power transmission line is deadly!".

Also it must be remembered that it is strictly forbidden to fish during a thunderstorm. The bonfires or the organization of tourist camps in the security zones of overhead lines also pose a great danger.

Power engineers warn: fishing in the conservation zone of the power transmission line is prohibited! Not a single catch is worth your life!