Ulyanovsk power engineers are recovering high-voltage power transmission lines

8 june 2018

vl.jpgEmployees of Ulyanovsk distribution grids, a branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of the Rosseti group) continue the repair campaign on high-voltage overhead power transmission lines. Before the autumn-winter period 2018-2019, power engineers are planning to repair 41 overhead power transmission lines with 35-110 kV voltage.

The strategically important lines of 110 kV Inza – Umys-1,2, Dimitrovgradskaya-1,2, Dimitrovgrad – Tiinsk, Vostochnaya-3,4, Lesnaya-1,2, "Syzran – Klyuchiki-1,2", providing power supply to the objects of JSC "Russian Railways," oil and gas production facilities, the Research Institute of Nuclear Reactors and a number of large industrial facilities.

The branch's power engineers will have to perform a complex of works for replacement of the defective insulation of the transmission lines, installing vibration dampers on wires, repairing and replacing wiring plug connections, repairing the overground part of the foundations and correcting reinforced concrete supports.

 In more than 650 km of overhead lines the obsolete and exhausted insulators will be replaced, anti-corrosion coating of metal supports will be renewed, the ground loop will be updated, information signs and warning signs will be installed. In addition, an important component of the repair program is the clearing of routes and guard zones of overhead lines from tree and shrub. The repair program of the Ulyanovsk DG branch is aimed at improving the reliability, safe operation and efficiency of the power grid complex on the territory of the Ulyanovsk region. As a result of successful and timely implementation of all programmed activities, the Ulyanovsk DG branch to be provided with a certificate of readiness to work within the autumn-winter period of 2018/2019.