Week to start: Samara checks the readiness of electrical supply systems for World cup-2018

8 june 2018

cherezov.jpgGeneral Director of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of the Rosseti group), Vladimir Ryabikin took part in an on-site meeting on the provision of uninterrupted power supply for sports and infrastructure facilities of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Samara, chaired by Deputy Minister ща Energy Andrei Сherezov.

The event, which took place at the Samara Arena stadium, was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, FSBI CAC of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, the Government of the Samara Region, the ANO “Organizational Committee "Russia-2018", ICB "Kazan" LLC, "Rosseti" PJSC, MES Volga, AD "SSK", ANO "Arena-2018", FSUE "Sport-IN" and others.

Before the meeting, Vladimir Ryabikin visited the main supply energy center of the stadium "Samara Arena" – 110 kV substation Stadium. The facility was built in unprecedented little time. During the realization of this project only domestic equipment that meets modern standards and surpasses analogs in terms of economic and operational parameters were used. As part of the visit to the substation, the readiness of operational and repair personnel for the World Cup 2018, emergency reserve stock, the possibility of prompt installation of redundant power supplies (RPS) was discussed.

 During the meeting, the Director of the Regional Operational Headquarters on Energetics (ROHE), Deputy Director-Chief Engineer of Samara Distribution Grids a branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC –Alexander Panchikov reported on the preparation of the branch for the 2018 World Cup in general. The operation of power facilities during the World Cup 2018 period is organized according to an "enhanced scheme." The control over the operation of substation equipment and sections of overhead lines, from which power is provided to the objects of the region participating in the World Cup 2018, is being monitored. Monitoring of the operational situation at the facilities providing power supply for the World Cup 2018 is conducted around the clock from the situation-analytic center. Since 07.06.2018 the staff of the branch has switched to a special mode of operation. The "Samara DG" branch is in constant contact with the Organizing Committee "Russia-2018" and the responsible personnel of the stadium.

Participants of the meeting discussed power supply for temporary infrastructure facilities of the stadium "Samara Arena," complex testing of the stadium under peak load, as well as operational maintenance of the electric installations of the stadium. The vice-governor of the Samara region, Alexandr Fetisov, expressed his gratitude to the power engineers for "working as a team."

"As representatives of the industry, we have always seen constructive people who helped us to find the best solutions when preparing for the World Championships, building roads and facilities. Remedial measures have been organized, we develop joint solutions and we work as a team, we continue constructive and, most importantly, productive dialogue. The power engineers render us invaluable assistance," said Alexandr Fetisov.

In general, following the results of the meeting, Andrei Сherezov noted that the readiness of the internal and external power supply grids is top level.