Ulyanovsk power engineers reveal power thieves

25 may 2018

energovori.jpgThe power engineers of Ulyanovsk Distribution Grids branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of the Rosseti group of companies), conduct raids to identify residents and enterprises of the region using electric power illegally. Despite the fact that dishonest consumers create more and more sophisticated ways of stealing kilowatt-hours every year, power engineers inevitably reveal the tricks of power thieves.

Since the beginning of the year, power engineers has revealed 121 cases of illegal energy consumption throughout the Ulyanovsk region. Acts were drawn up against each of the violators, 107 of which are individuals and 14 are legal entities, of unaccounted or non-contractual power consumption. The damage done to the power grid company amounted to 965 thousand rubles. These funds could be used by power engineers to carry out the maintenance of power grids, implement repair program and, as a result, improve the reliability of electric power supply to residents of the region.

In attempts to cut corners on electricity, dishonest consumers cause harm not only to the power grid company, but also to their neighbors, fellow villagers. In the so-called “foci of losses” - areas and settlements where residents illegally consume electricity, there may be frequent power surges, interruptions in electricity supply and, as a result, failure of household appliances. In addition, illegal interference in the operation of electrical equipment creates fire hazard situation and a risk of short circuits. There is a risk of electric shock for others, as well as for the power thief itself, with the worst consequences.

Power engineers kindly request the residents of the region to report about any cases of unauthorized connection to power grid or unauthorized interference with the operation of electrical equipment by the phone of the call center +7-800-775-16-42 (free of charge), phone of Ulyanovsk Distribution Grids branch hotline +7 (8422) 61-36-46 or to the power distribution zone at the place of residence (confidentiality is guaranteed).