Experts of Orenburgenergo hold additional lessons on safe electricity

21 may 2018

Durok_orenburg.jpguring the academic year employees of Orenburgenergo, branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of Rosseti Group), held more than 1,000 lessons. Prior to start of vacations, power engineers visited schools to give additional lessons. In the Orenburg lyceum No. 9 the students of 5th grades gathered for lessons on rules of safe behavior near power facilities. Often children of secondary school age attempt to get into transformer substations and climb supports of power transmission lines out of curiosity or during the game, not thinking about hazards that may threaten them. Therefore, power engineers start their lessons from demonstration of potentially hazardous power facilities: power transmission lines and transformer substations. Special attention of students is paid to “Warning! High Voltage” sign – a yellow triangle with a black lightning inside. Additional focus at electric safety basics is made for those who like to make selfies.

Mass media often post messages that photos taken at power facilities become the last in the lives of teenagers who like to boast an effective photo. It turns out that in order to get a fatal electric shock, it is not at all necessary to touch a wire, it is sufficient to just approach the live parts at 30-40 cm. “I have never thought that having climbed the support for a selfie, a person risks twice: he or she may get an electric shock and fall,” Dmitry, a student, shared his impressions. Unfortunately, senior students, as well as primary students, often behave irresponsibly near power facilities. Neglecting their knowledge of electricity that they learned at physics lessons, teenagers do not think about consequences that may arise from unsafe handling of power.

“Consequences of accidental and deliberate penetration into power facilities are both tragic, therefore we try to prevent both. We have an educational program to prevent injuries of external persons. It is designed for different target groups: pupils and students, fishers and hunters, drivers of specialized and agricultural equipment,” told Vladimir Strizhakov, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Industrial Inspection, Occupational and Process Safety Department, Orenburgenergo branch. “The largest part is designed for children. When we are telling them about electricity, we do not only protect them against hazards today, but shape skills of safe behavior that will be useful for them in their adult life.” Power engineers and teachers are urged not to keep out and to tell about safety to their children, not to pass by, if anyone is trying to open the substation door or climb a support. It can’t hurt to once again remind to children several simple rules:

 - do not climb supports of power transmission lines;

- do not open doors of transformer substations;

- do not approach a broken wire lying on the ground;

- do not make a selfie at power facilities;

- do not combine power and water: do not fish near power transmission lines, do not sail on rafts and boars under power transmission lines wires.