Power supply during FIFA World cup in Samara will be monitored from Situation and Analytical Center

18 may 2018

sats_samara.jpgDuring preparation and holding of 2018 FIFA World Cup a situation and analytical center (SAC) will operate in Samara from Samara Distribution Grids, a branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of Rosseti Group). The unified center for collection and processing of information on operation of the regional power grid and securing uninterrupted power supply was launched on May 14. SAC operates on the basis of the branch networks management center. Information will be collected not only from dispatchers of Samara Distribution Grids, but also from adjacent network organizations, generation facilities and from all interested organizations and institutions for the period of preparation and holding of 2018 FIFA World Cup.

In fact, this will be a single center that monitors reliability of power supply and provides operative management in process of technological faults. In process of 2018 FIFA World Cup, personnel of 2018 FIFA World Cup SAC will perform tasks to monitor operative environment at the 2018 FIFA World Cup facilities in part of functioning of power grid facilities, ensuring information and analytical support, analysis and forecasting of process accidents and abnormal situations development, risks of ensuring reliable functioning of power grid facilities involved in 2018 FIFA World Cup, and if required – monitoring of emergency recovery works performed by all organizations involved in ensuring external power supply.

Since June 01 SAC will work 24/7. In total around 25 people that have been already trained additionally will be involved. The duty shift will include an operative duty officer, a safety duty officer and a communications duty officer. Power engineers will monitor operation of absolutely all power facilities of the region with the help of a modern multi-functional complex installed in the grid control center, which makes it possible to provide real-time tracking of substations and power transmission lines operation. Several screens are installed additionally to display information only on power facilities of Samara and Samara Region involved in 2018 FIFA World Cup. Currently technical equipment of SAC has been completed and is fully available for operation.