Orenburgenergo specialists found electricity theft in the Orenburg Industrial District

14 march 2019

energovori_oren.jpgSpecialists of the Orenburg Production Division (PD) of the branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (included in the Rosseti Group) - Orenburgenergo conducted a raid to identify facts of off-the-meter and non-contractual electricity consumption in the Orenburg Industrial District.

Power engineers checked the condition of the input cable and the electrical wiring, examined the electricity meters for the presence and integrity of the seals, compare the metered values with the results of previous inspections in private households of Kirpichnaya, Maikova and Kolcevaya streets.energovori_oren2.jpg

Employees of the Promyshlenny Power Distribution Zone (PDZ) discovered the broken seals on an electricity meter in a house of Maikova Street. Besides, the homeowner decided to save on energy costs and connected to the input cable to the metering device with a tap. On the basis of the case identified, the power engineers drew up a statement of fact.

In addition to paying for stolen kilowatt * hours, the owner of the house will also have to pay a fine. According to Promyshlenny Power Distribution Zone of Orenburgenergo, raids to identify unauthorized power connections are conducted monthly. I

n February power engineers conducted 52 inspections, making 7 acts for off-the-meter electricity consumption for 74 thousand kW * hours, which amounted to 222 thousand rubles. Such raids are carried out throughout the Orenburg region.