Mass repair works started in Orenburgenergo

23 may 2018

Aremonti.jpgll production departments of the Orenburgenergo branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of the Rosseti group) started mass repair works.

Repairs are conducted to ensure reliable power supply to consumers. Power engineers work in several directions: repair of power transmission lines with the replacement of poles and wires, transformers and other equipment of substations. The schedule for year 2018 includes works at 182 substations with a voltage of 35-110 kilovolts and 1204 transformer substations. 268 transformers will be sent to the stationary workshop for overhaul. Power engineers are planning to repair 1416 power transmission lines of all voltage classes and clear about 500 hectares of protective zones of power transmission lines from tree and shrub.

Works in operating electric plants under voltage is dangerous for life, therefore, short-term power outages are required. Employees of Orenburgenergo address to the citizens of Orenburg with a request to accept temporary inconveniences understandingly. Power engineers, in turn, does everything to minimize the inconvenience caused by short-term power outages. In villages, the announcements about upcoming planned outages are posted by power distribution zone employees at places of mass gathering, and city residents are informed through management companies, Internet sites and social networks.

Repair works will be completed before the beginning of autumn-winter period.