Agrarian students visited the power engineers of Orenburg

22 may 2018

studenti_v_orene.jpgStudents of the Orenburg Agrarian College visited the training ground of Orenburgenergo branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of the Rosseti group).

A site tour for the 2nd and the 3rd year students studying in the field “Electrification and Automation of Agricultural Production” was conducted by Andrey Mikhailov, Deputy Chief Engineer for Operational and Technological Management of the Central Production Department. He showed them the equipment of substations and distribution points, power transmission lines of different voltage classes, told about the types of insulators and wires used in the power grid nowadays.

Future power engineers also watched the work of electricians. In the preparation for the All-Russian professional skills competition organized by Rosseti PJSC, the high-voltage line service team honed the skill of connecting the anchor loop using a connecting clip.

- Works are performed on the ground from the model of the hydraulic lifter basket. In the workplace everything is the same, but at an altitude of more than twenty meters. Power engineers are expected not only to master the technology, but also to consider the requirements of the rules on labor protection, - told Andrey Mikhailov to the students.

 In the Orenburg Agrarian College they are sure that such tours to the electric power industry enterprises are a visual component to the theoretical course.

- The students saw the real electric plants, substations and internal nodes. They can assess the supports, insulators, wires, transformers under actual operating conditions, in other words, all the equipment that they describe in their course and project works, - shared Mikhail Gusarov, a college teacher, - And today they also had an opportunity to see how professionally electricians work in practice.

 - It was very interesting to see how to properly give first aid to the victim. We were told about this just at school. I would like to get a step-by-step instruction on resuscitation and practice with the simulator “Gosha”. Everyone needs to know this, and especially we, as future power engineers, - said Alexey Tuyev, a third-year student of the Orenburg Agrarian College.

The power engineers accepted the student’s wish and promised to include a practical lesson on resuscitation on the next open day.

Personnel policy of Orenburgenergo, a branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC, provides for a complex of measures aimed at attracting young specialists to the enterprises. It’s a career guidance for schoolchildren, cooperation with educational institutions, organization and conduct of practical training for students, organization of student groups’ work at electrical network enterprises.