Main provisions of Personnel Policy

 The basic directions of personnel selection include:
1. Planning of requirement for the personnel
Considering personnel potential of the Society and dynamics of its development, the great value is given to planning of requirement for the personnel. Planning of human resources of the Society is carried out according to its current and strategic plans.
The current requirement for the personnel is defined by means of demands arriving from structural divisions.
Planning of requirement for the personnel contains the analysis of the strategic plan of the Society and the business plan for year in the basis. For more effective planning are used:
- The environment analysis (a labour market, including quality of a labour),
- The analysis of the internal environment (the analysis of structure and movement of a labour of the Society and the analysis of satisfaction work of its workers).

2. A personnel set
Personnel selection has open character. In the presence of vacancies the Society is ready to employ any expert if it possesses corresponding qualification and personal qualities, including and on a top management position. Equal possibilities are given to all applicants for free vacancies; the candidate most full corresponding to shown requirements gets out.
Base requirements to workers are formed on the basis of tendencies on a labour market and strategic problems of the Society.

3. Use of potential of the personnel
Procedure and technique of an estimation of quality of personnel potential of the personnel, and also success of adaptation of again accepted employees are defined through a business estimation and the certification which result is the administrative decision on «the further destiny» the worker.
Productivity of work of the worker is defined on the basis of the analysis of achievement of the purposes put before the worker, and also an estimation of efficiency of use of working hours.
One of criteria of efficiency of use of potential of the personnel act an indicator of satisfaction as work and economic efficiency from activity of the worker (income growth, decrease in costs).

4. Motivation of the personnel
Payment and material stimulation of the personnel.
The salary of workers of the Society is represented temporarily-premialnaja by the payment form. The payment is defined taking into account the analysis of a regional labour market and payment level in electropower branch, the personal contribution of the worker and profitableness of the Society.
Besides it the considerable package of social privileges is given to all workers of the Society.
As criteria of effective stimulation of the personnel (awarding and single encouragement) act dynamics of productivity of work.

Non-material motivation of the personnel
Indicators of efficiency of non-material motivation of the personnel dynamics of productivity of work, and also satisfaction act as work.

5. Personnel development
The society is interested in increase of professionalism and competence of workers (including and in adjacent trades and fields of knowledge), because their professional and a mental potential - a basis for successful development of the Society. Expenses for improvement of professional skill of workers are capital investments in the Society future.
Career of workers in many respects depends on their desire and possibilities (professionalism, potential, обучаемости etc.), and also from requirements of the Society, thus it can be both horizontal (rotation), and vertical.
At development of workers the Society is guided by following local statutory acts:
- Position about personnel certification
- Position about work with a personnel reserve
- Position about training and personnel development